Brass Valves

Rovitar offers a wide range of brass valves that are an economical choice for applications that are not dealing with chemicals. It is also ideal for high-temperature or pressure-rating applications.

These valves are strong and resilient while providing a very low cost. Each valve is designed with threaded ends for easy installation. Proper installation of brass valves will surely extend its life span.

Rovitar also uses cast brass materials for production. Therefore, you can assure us that our valves are durable and have a very high resistance to corrosion.

Among our wide range of brass valves are check valves, gate valves, ball valves, and more. Each type of valve comes in different sizes. Customized designs and sizes are also available to meet your requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

More Questions You May Have

Rovitar is committed to providing affordable brass parts without sacrificing high precision and quality.

We will help you boost your business by providing durability and high performance.

As an expert manufacturer, our expertise is guaranteed reliable. We offer a one-stop solution according to your requirements.

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