Bronze Gate Valve

Rovitar offers bronze gate valves that are available in flanged or threaded connections. These are widely used for marine and general industry applications. We can provide an extensive selection including wedges, screwed bonnets, and non-rising stems. With its PN20 pressure rating, it is ideal for water, steam, oil, inert gas, and air media. The gate valves made from bronze have a maximum operating temperature ranging from -20 to 180⁰C. It also features an asbestos-free and integral seat. The bronze gate valves are also manufactured according to ASTM, BS EN, ASME, and other industry standards. No matter what size, you need, Rovitar can surely offer the best solution. We also offer customization and OEM services to meet your requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

GVQ1801-F High Temperature Threaded Bronze Gate Valve Water Control
GVQ1801-F High Temperature Threaded Bronze Gate Valve Water Control
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