Bronze Valve

Bronze is one of the most common materials used for making valves due to its malleability and resistant to cracking. Here at Rovitar, we offer a wide range of bronze valves that are low cost, corrosion resistant, and has a high ductility. These valves are characterized by its porous and rough finish.

Rovitar manufactures bronze valves using machining cast ingots or mold casting. We used superior quality raw bronze materials to ensure valve durability and long life span.

As a professional manufacturer, we offer one-stop bronze valve solution to different industries including petrochemical, marine, safety relief, flow shut-off, flow control, and more.

More Questions You May Have

Rovitar is committed to providing affordable brass parts without sacrificing high precision and quality.

We will help you boost your business by providing durability and high performance.

As an expert manufacturer, our expertise is guaranteed reliable. We offer a one-stop solution according to your requirements.

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