How To Select The Right Brass Valve Type For Your Business?

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If you want to get the right type of brass valve, read this guide.

It takes you through every step you should consider when looking for a brass valve.

Step 1: Determine Brass Valve Size

Brass Valve Dimensions
Brass Valve Dimensions

The right brass valve size and material are essential. Choosing a considerable measure will result in a significant flow rate while decreasing the pressure.

On the other hand, choosing a smaller size will lead you to more pressure and a lower flow rate. This is the reason size matters. The commonly used brass valve sizes are from 15 mm up to 65 mm.

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Step 2: Working Temperature and Pressure

The temperature of the medium passing through the brass valve matters. The outside temperature also affects its operation and performance.

The temperature gradually leads to the expansion as well as contraction of the seal material within the valve. When the temperature rises, the brass valve material loses its strength and results in decreased pressure.

Make sure you check the temperature and pressure rating before the final selection of the brass valve.

Step 3: Maintenance Requirements of Brass Valve

In general, the brass valve features fewer maintenance requirements. Although the environment in which you will use it dramatically affects the maintenance requirement.

If the environment is harsh, then you need to process maintenance more frequently.

The manufacturing material of brass valves also determines the frequency of maintenance. Therefore, selecting a brass valve with suitable materials will save costs in the long run.

Step 4: Understanding Purpose

What kind of application you want to fulfill with your brass valve also matters. Choosing the wrong valve for the incorrect application puts all your efforts in vain.

Some common brass valve types, along with their applications, include:

Types of Brass Valves
Types of Brass Valves
  • For preventing leakage, Ball Valves serve the purpose
  • To avoid the backflow and facilitate the flow in a single direction, you can use Check Valves
  • When it comes to very high-purity applications, ensure using Diaphragm Valves
  • You can control the flow rate by employing Needle Valves
  • When the need is to keep pressure within permissible limits, Relief Valves will do the work
  • Plug Rise Valves make sure to get a complete flow rate

Step 5: Assessing Valve Flow

The flow rate needed for a specific application determines which valve suits the best. For example, suppose the brass valve has a higher or lower flow rate than desired. Then it will ruin your operation or damage your equipment.

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Step 6: Consider End Connections of Brass Valve

Determining the type of end connection of the brass valve will prevent extra expenditures and ensure a tight/leakproof fitting. The standard end connections on brass valves include:

  • Threaded ends
  • Welded ends
  • Flanged ends
  • Integral tube fittings
Threaded End Valve
Threaded End Valve


Step 7: Performance Expectations

Each industry makes use of a particular type of ball valve. For instance, the chemical industries utilize ball brass valves. The main reason is exposure to higher temperatures and corrosive fluids.

The viscosity of different liquids varies as well as their flow rates. In addition, the flow rate closely links to the formation of pressure. Therefore, it is essential to consider these things while choosing a suitable brass valve.

Step 8: Valve Features Determination

Finding out what features are contributing to the popularity of the right brass valve type is essential. Some features include:

  • Durable
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Malleable
  • High Cycle Life
  • Custom Size and Type
  • High Flow Coefficient (Cv)

Make sure to select the valve by getting familiar with the features shown above for a particular category of brass valve. The more and higher quality features ensure maintenance and replacement-free operation.

Parts of Valve
Parts of Valve


Now you know how to select the right brass valve type for your business. Doing this will help you double up your success speed. If you have any questions, reach out for quality 24/7 assistance.

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